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TAC represents over 300 airports in the Texas Airport System consisting of 26 commercial service airports and 274 general aviation airports. Here at the Texas Airports Council we allow for the exchange of ideas, methods, information and experience as related to the operation and management of airports across the State of Texas. The Texas Airports Counil (TAC) encourages the public’s understanding of the value of aviation and airports to communities throughout our great state. Become a member and help encourage and grow the aviation industry in Texas.

Texas Airports Council (TAC) membership is open to any airport in Texas that provides aviation service to the public. The TAC fiscal year is from July 1 through June 30. TAC membership includes the following seven (7) classifications with associated fees:

Airport General Aviation (Fee – $100): Any airport in Texas open to the public. An Airport must be registered as a member before any individual staff or members of a governing board are eligible for membership.

Airport Executive (Fee – $100): Any person exercising active responsibility for management, general superintendency or administration of an airport or who is continuously engaged in such activity as a gainful occupation; or, any airport governance board member currently serving in that capacity.

Airport Executive Emeritus (Fee – None): This classification is bestowed by majority vote of the Texas Airports Council Board of Directors on an individual who is no longer involved in airport management and has contributed at an exceptional level to the aviation industry in their past career.

Associate (Fee – $150): Any individual or organization that is interested in and subscribes to the purpose of the Texas Airports Council. This is a non-voting membership classification.

Student (Fee – $25): Any individual engaged in the study of airport development, administration, management, operations or other aviation related disciplines as a full-time student as defined by the institution in which they are enrolled and whom a member of the Texas Airports Council has provided a sponsorship letter.

Honorary (Fee – None): This classification is bestowed by majority vote of the Texas Airports Council membership on any individual who has made a significant contribution in the field of airport development, management, operations or any related field of aviation.

Corporate (* Various Packages See Below): Any public or private corporation engaged in activities relating to the use and/or promotion of airports or aviation or which provides aviation services or products, including consulting firms and construction firms. Each Corporate Member may designate one representative who shall be authorized to represent the Corporate Member at any meeting or other proceeding of the Texas Airports Council.

*Corporate Packages:
Platinum (Fee $2,000) – Gold (Fee $1,500) – Silver (Fee $1,000) – Bronze (Fee $500)

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